Aaschotana is the first line of treatment in the eye diseases.

अथाश्चोतनं कार्यं निशायां न कथचन /
उन्मीलिते अक्षिणी द्रुsमध्ये बिन्दुभी: द्वयsगुलत् हितम्// (सु .उ १३/१२-१३ )

Administration of few drops of medicines to the open eye from a height of 2 angula is called as aaschyotana.


सर्वेषां अक्षिरोगीणाम आदौ आश्चोतनं हितम्/
रुक् तोद कंडू घर्ष अश्रू दाह राग निबर्हणम्// (अ .हृ सु २३/१)

It helps to relieves the symptoms like-

Ruk, todha – Painful conditions of eye
Kandu – Scratching
Kharsha – Irritation or foreign body sensation
Asru – Excessive watering
Dhaha – Burning
Raga – Redness or congestion
Paka, sopha – Features of inflammation

Aaschyotana is contraindicated in night & should be done only during day time:
For kaphaja diseases –it will be done in morning times
For pittaja diseases-it will be done in afternoon hours
For vataja diseases-it will be done in evening hours

Aaschotan Vidhi-

निवातस्थस्य वामेन पाणीनोन्मील्य लोचानम् /
शुक्तौ प्रलम्बायाsन्येन पिचुर्वत्या कनिनके // (अ .हृ सु २३/२-३)

The person should lie on a cot in a place devoid of breeze
Person eyes should be opened with the left hand of physician
The medicine dispenser,either a seashell or a wick is held in the right hand of physician just two Angulas (finger width)abovethe inner angle of the eye (inner canthus)
10-12 drops of the medicated liquid are put in to the eye
Afterwards the eyes should be cleaned with soft cloth
Mild fomentation is given with piece of cloth rinsed in warm water in disorders kapha and vata
In disorders due to blood and Pitta vitiation,eyes are mopped with a cloth dipped with cold water

Types 3 types
1. Lekhana
2. Ropana
3. Snehana

Sr No Name of the method Dosha Pradhanata Dose Nature of Medicine
1 Lekhana Kapha Vikara 7-8 drops Luke warm,katu,tikta,kashaya medicine
2 Ropana Pitta and Rakta Vikar 12 drops Cool,madhura,tikta ,kashaya medicine
3 Snehana Vata vikara 10 drops Luke warm,oily,madhur,amla,lavana medicine


Aschyotana yoga
1. Aschyotana with triphala kashaya is used in all types of abhishyanda.
2. Aschyotana with sthanya can be used in vata, pitta, & rakta abhishyanda.
3. Aschyotana with ksheerisarpi or ksheeri navaneetha can be used in vataja pitta & rakthaja abhishyanda.
4. Aschyotana with decoction of bilwadi panchamoola, erandamoola, sigru brihathi, is used in vataja abhishyanda.
5. Aschyotana with the medicated milk prepared from kantakari moola is used in vataja abhishyanda.
6. Aschotana with amalaki phala swarasa, can be used in pittaja abhishyanda.
7. Aschyotana with medicated milk prepared from draksha yestimadhu, manjishta, jeevaneeya dravya and milk.
8. Saindava lavana, sunti + ghritha kept for a month, after that with sthanya aschyotana can be done in netrapaka.